Career Training

MCAPS® Customer Service Personnel Training and Certification

Training & Personnel Certification Programs

  • Certificate in Local-Area Exchange Agent

  • Certificate in Mutual-Credit Specialist

  • Certificate in Local Exchange Administrator

 Free Microfinance Specialist Training Course, United Nations Capital Development Fund

  •  Certificate in Microfinance Specialist

Microfinance Distance Learning Course

HandsOn University Online

 Training and a certificate to staff of nonprofit and government organizations whose key function is managing the organizations’ volunteer resources.  For managers of volunteers in these types of agencies, our courses are consistent with the core competencies upon which the CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration) credential is based. HandsOn University Online

Learning Requirements:

Local Exchange Administrator


  • Cooperative Governance & Strategic Planning
  • Social Capital Entrepreneurship Education
  • Local Currency Design & Demurrage
  • Marketing of Local Currency
  • Legal and Taxation Aspects of Local Currency
  • Mutual-Credit Systems Quality Assurance
  • Audit Committee Administration

Microfinance Specialist


  • Local & Community Business Development
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Clients and Services
  • Microcredit Methodologies
  • Effects of Local Environment
  • Reading Financial Statements
  • Measuring Delinquency
  • Key Financial Factors
  • Interest Rate Practices
  • Measuring Financial Viability
  • Gauging Institutional Viability

Mutual-Credit Specialist


  • Principles of Mutual-Credit
  • Effects of Mutual Business
  • Entrepreneurial League System Concepts
  • Community Economic Complex Concepts
  • Valuable Local Currency Concepts
  • Introduction to Exchange Administration
  • Human Resource Management

Local-Area Coordinator


  • MCAPS Overview & Theories of Money
  • Introduction to Community Currencies
  • The Community Exchange System
  • Introduction to the Transaction Card Systems
  • Entrepreneurial League System Concepts
  • Introduction to Small Business Management
  • Introduction to Exchange Administration

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