International Standardization of Sustainable Microfinance and Community Development Currency Systems (CDCS) In Emerging Indigenous and Nation-State Economies


The following describes a human labor capacity-backed microfinance and community development currency system for emerging local, regional and national indigenous economies with a focus on RIO+20 and the implementation of a sustainable Chapter 28: Local Authorities’ Initiatives in Support Of Agenda 21 program. The proposed International Community Development Currency Standard (ICDCS) permits an indigenous/local authority to create their own accredited electronic community development demurrage-currency system whereby a portion of national currency and a portion of the community development currency will be accepted as payment in the ICDCS In Support of Agenda 21, promote training of authorities, agencies and officials as well as empowering indigenous communities and sustaining their development initiatives through the use of community development currency systems and microfinance. The specific aims are to implement standards and/or regulations for the issuance of common tender to support and improve its wider development and usage as a common tender in emerging indigenous economies with the potential to create complementary currency and microfinance systems alongside national currency and traditional financial credit systems.


The following are the key system components:

  1. Municipal Credit and Payment System (MCAPS)

  2. International Community Development Currency Standard (ICDCS)

  3. ICDCS Currency Maintenance Board-Like Organization

  4. MCAPS Currency Circulation Support Models

  •  Multi-Currency Credit Union Model

  • Business and Employment Cooperative System Model

  • Microfinance Linkage Banking Portfolio Management Model

  • Multi-Currency Microfinance Guarantee Model

  • Community-Way Program Model

  • Registered Disbursement Organization Model

 System Conformity Assurance

 An international program for the study of community development demurrage currency design and its functionality, personnel training and certification, accreditation, and currency systems conformity assessment standards.

 ICDCS Program Components

  •  Standard for Currency Maintenance Board-Like Organizations

  • Standard for Continuing Education and Training

  • Standard of Practice for Certificate Programs

  • Personnel Certification Body

  • Conformity Assessment Body


  •  Mobile Banking e-Wallet Cloud Computing Application

  • International Community Development Currency Standard

  • System Conformity Assurance Implementation


  •  To be announced.

 Yahola National Bank Sovereign Currencies

 Version – September 9, 2013: Robert Johnson

Chief Melchishua Ispokeogee Yahola

Yahola Ispokeogees Tribal Nation


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