Join the Yahola CES Mutual-Credit & Virtual-Dollar Bank


 How Can You Use This?

  • Make normal payments
  • Pay for items on the CES advertised as part Virtual-Dollars and part U.S. Dollars
  • Replace cash!
  • Use it to receive payments from non-CES buyers
  • Transfer money to others instantaneously and without charges
  • Give someone a bank account
  • Give yourself another bank account

Everyone on Yahola Nation CES is now a Virtual-Dollar user by default.


Determine your annual 15% multi-currency credit limit account value 

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Yahola National Bank: MCAPS® Small Business e-Wallet Multi-Currency Banking Models

The most prominent characteristic of Yahola-GBX e-Wallet ROCS Money is that it circulates only in closed merchant loop network economy markets and regional areas. Yahola-GBX e-Wallet ROCS Money also e-circulate (electronic money) in the market economy as local demurrage currency. It cannot earn interest and is not meant to be saved in accounts. Yahola-GBX e-Wallet ROCS Money has a demurrage charge and expiration date, after which the money becomes worthless. The currency unit is one hour of services, and transaction prices are negotiated. It can be used to purchase goods and services in participating closed merchant loop network economy local stores or other market place. Participants receive e-Wallet ROCS Money at the start of transactions, and offer services on the service menu. Transactions can take place directly between members, or through coordinators who perform a matching function.

 Yahola-GBX B2P2C Multi-Currency e-Wallet

  1. Yahola-GBX Mutual-Credit Grants
  2. Yahola National Currency Grants
  3. Yahola National Currency Loans
  4. Yahola National Bank Barter Credit
  5. Yahola National Bank Barter Loans
  6. U.S. National Currency Short-Term Loans
  7. U.S. National Currency Microloans Loans